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Mind Map View

Develop your greatest ideas into meaningful plans using powerful Mind Maps. Radiating, colourful branches will build a concise overview of even the most detailed projects. See where your Mind Maps will lead you.

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Radial Map View

Organise your thoughts beautifully and make information meaningful with Radial Map View*. Visually plan projects, simplify data, break down challenges and present ideas. Display information as easy-to-digest nodes in an adaptable, hierarchical and highly visual Radial Map.

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Brainstorm View

Use our unique, free-form Brainstorm View to organise, categorise and prioritise ideas on a limitless corkboard. Create a project storyboard or resource hub to plan for your greatest success.

Time Map View

Time Map View

Turn ideas into reality. Assemble your ideas along a visually rich and interactive timeline. Transform them into actionable tasks in Time Map View*.

“About imindmap”

Mind Mapping is a successful process in its own right, used by over 250 million people worldwide. Now, thanks to the close relationship we have formed with the Mind Mapping community and a talented development team, we were able to make the process even more efficient. iMindMap is a complete, flexible, digital working space devised to help our users throughout the whole creative process, from idea generation, development, through to completion. iMindMap has helped over 1 million people worldwide, in over 170 countries and 19 languages, to boost their productivity in a range of tasks, from brainstorming, organising ideas and project planning to studying, teaching, presenting and more.